Virtual Hexenfest Lite 2021-11-06 07:00 PM EDT

Join us for Virtual Hexenfest Lite!
Hexenfest is a Northern California Pagan Music and Arts Festival produced by Sharon Knight. Nixxed two years running by Covid, Sharon and Winter have put together an online version of Hexenfest to keep the spirit alive. This year, a pared-down version is offered for a variety of reasons, mostly involving constraints within the space-time continuum. Sharon and Winter offer a duet show, and are also pleased to present a band they've always wished they could bring to Hexenfest Live: Tuatha Dea!
Both acts play in a soulful, Celtic-inspired folk rock style. You can get tickets to each show individually, or get a ticket for both shows and get a price break. We look forward to playing music for you!
7:00pm EDT: Sharon Knight & Winter
8:30pm EDT: Tuatha Dea

Minimum price $25