S. J. Tucker “On the Water” songs bundle!

INCLUDES SIX UNRELEASED SONGS! Once the concert concludes and payouts are complete, S. J. will share with you an mp3 bundle of recordings including all of the songs she performed during her "On the Water" online show, November 21st, 2021: "The Ballad of Laurelei", "Girl from the River", "Sailing Song", "Glashtyn Shanty", "Let a Girl In/A Taste of Salt (Selkie's Revenge)", "Seafaring Satyr", "Heresy of the Lost", "Look to the Water", "Still Lies the Water", "Wild River Child", "The Drowning", "Where the Ocean Meets the Land", "Down the Well", "Lullaby for Davy Jones", "Sailor Lass", and "November"! Note: for respectful and legal reasons, the Red Shoes book excerpt from the concert will not be part of this bundle.