Queens of Avalon: Original Cast Recording (CD or download)

Buy the CD or downloadable MP3 album with every song from the crowdfunded musical "Queens of Avalon", so you can sing along in your car! Drive the neighbours mad with hits like "Mordred's Lullaby", "First Love", "Summer By Summer", "I'm Not Enough", and "Trust Me Now".
If these songs stick in your head like they've stuck in mine, you'll be cursing me forever. I'm good with that. :)
Please mention in the comments section when you make your purchase whether you'd like the CD or download version!
Overture: The Lady
Summer By Summer
A Secret Curse (instrumental)
Sisters Forever (instrumental)
A Woman's World
First Love
As I Am
You Don't Know Him
Queen of Lothian (instrumental)
A Little Dragon (instrumental)
Mordred's Lullaby
The Lonely Queen (instrumental)
I'm Not Enough
Apparition (instrumental)
Crashing Down
Guinevere's Army (instrumental)
The Kiss (instrumental)
Battle Queen (instrumental)
War Between Brothers
Three Queens
Where Will You Go
Trust Me Now

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