Wendy Rule – Complete Digital Discography

Includes all of Wendy's major albums - (Zero, Deity, World Between Worlds, The Lotus Eaters, The Wolf Sky, Guided by Venus, Black Snake, Persephone) , as well as her meditation/ relaxation albums (Meditations on the 4 Elements, Beneath the Below is a River, Vox Solfeggio, Deep Within A Faerie Forest) her 3 live albums ( Live at the Castle on the Hill, A Night of Jazz, and her original 'Live' album), and her 2 Eps (Artemis/TheKilling Moon, and Continental Isolation). That's 15 albums and 2 Eps for only $140 USD!!

After your purchase, Wendy will send you a unique 100% discount code to use on Bandcamp, where you can download the albums and lyrics.