S. J.’s Beltane Show Songs Bundle

INCLUDES 9 UNRELEASED TUNES! S. J. will send you a download bundle of mp3 files for each and every song she sings during the Beltane show, PLUS special guest Renée Janski's song, "Butch Wytch"!  You'll get the recording studio versions (some polished, some still in demo form) of "Firebird's Child", "Hymn to Herne", "Dance the Faery Ring", "Harvest Moon", "Aset the Sparrow", "No Fire Like Mine", "The Fruit Seller", "Hekate's Blues", "Goddess of Love", "Daddy's Gonna Hate It", "Hare Moon", "The Ballad of Lorelei", and "In the Name of the Dance"!

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