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The world of Neofolk Romantique is a world of animism; where the spirit of the mountain watches silently with ancient eyes, while the wind whistles and shrieks above, where a storm takes human form and comes to us as a lover upon the roiling sea. Where porcelain dolls come to life at loves first kiss, and portals to magic and wonder open up on streets we’ve walked a hundred times.

Described as “Haunting”, “Otherworldly”, and “Ethereal, with a bit of rock and rock grit”, Sharon’s music reveals a love for the crossroads where imagination and magic meet, where the extraordinary happens every day, and we are infused with wonder at the mystery of a world ensouled.

After 8 years of touring extensively, Sharon and her longtime collaborator, Winter, have returned home to the California Coast, and are developing a multi-media project featuring music and art inspired by sea myths from around the world.


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