Songs for the Sea mp3 bundle from S. J.

Once Hexenfest concludes and payouts are complete, Sooj will email access to a 12-song mp3 bundle of all the recorded studio  versions of her Songs for the Sea, performed in her September 12 concert:  "Heresy of the Lost",  "Shipful of Monsters," "Wendy On Board", "Red-handed Jill", "Look to the Water", "Where the Ocean Meets the Land", "Green-eyed Sue/Sue’s Jig", "La Sirene", "Neptune", "Sailing Song", "The Ballad of Lorelei" (to be recorded after S. J.’s replacement recording interface arrives), and "Dryad’s Promise".  

Price (USD) $ Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $16.00.