Heather Dale: ‘Queens of Avalon’ Film (download)

"Haunting ... Lyrical ... Spellbinding -- Heather Dale brings musical magic and a new twist to this popular tale!"

Tamora Pierce
Award-winning YA/Fantasy author, "The Lioness" series



Two high-def MP4 download files: 90-minute musical (3 GB), and a 25-minute "Making Of" special feature (250 MB).

The famous story of Camelot, but surprisingly reinterpreted from a woman's perspective. Guinevere and Morgana meet as girls and become fast friends. They come of age together, and find themselves holding the reins of destiny. The fate of kingdoms lies in their hands!

In this Celtic musical, two young princesses must outwit a terrible family curse that threatens not only their friendship, but the very future of their land. Heather Dale and S.J. Tucker star in this enchanting adventure, and will have you singing along with hits like "Mordred's Lullaby" and "Summer by Summer".

Wild-spirited Guinevere (Tucker) and cautious Morgana (Dale) are expected to be quiet and obedient. But they are encouraged to discover their true selves while training in the magical land of Avalon, under the protection of a powerful water-spirit known as the Lady of the Lake. The girls vow to change the dark prophecy that overshadows Morgana's destiny, and set out to prove that sisterhood can be stronger than anything.

But Gwen's ailing father and Gana's bullying, power-hungry brother keep trying to pull them apart. Can they find a way to become the women they need to be? Will they become Queens of Avalon, or will the dragon's curse bring them - and the land they love - to ruin?

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