Apryl Knight – One Nerdy Knight download

After the concert, Apryl will send you a download link to her album One Nerdy Knight. Track listing: 1. Hairless Hypoallergenic Hellhound 2. RPG Monster Song 3. toy piano, geek, geeky, nerd, octopus, coffee - 8 Arms to Caffeinate You 4. Pocket Monster Lament 5. Cantiga 281 6. The Doctor's Companions (Oh, Doctor Boy) 7. The Doctor's Wife (You Call Me Sexy) 8. 4th Doctor Scarf Blues 9. Pirate Chain Mail 10. What Do You Do with a Drunken Sailor 11. Go Home Google (You're Drunk Again) 12. Mining Terraria 13. Five Pounds of Faire 14. Board Game Song