Apryl Knight – Dance the Knight Away download

After the concert, Apryl will send you a download link to her album Dance the Knight Away. Track listing: 1. Amoroso (feat. Tree Leom & Brieann Chappel) 2. Rufty Tufty (feat. Laura Leom & Tree Leom) 3. Heart's Ease (feat. Laura Leom & Tree Leom) 4. Ly Bens Dystonis 5. La Danse de Cleves (feat. Tree Leom, James Hazlerig & Brieann Chappel) 6. Gelosia (feat. Tree Leom & Laura Leom) 7. Petit Riens (feat. Tree Leom) 8. Petit Riens (Fast Reprise) [feat. Tree Leom] 9. Gracca Amorosa (feat. Tree Leom) 10. Official Bransle (Toss the Duchess) [feat. Brieann Chappel] 11. Sellenger's Round 12. If All the World Were Paper (feat. Tree Leom, Laura Leom & James Hazlerig) 13. Tomorrow the Fox Will Come to Towne (Trenchmore) [feat. Tree Leom, James Hazerlig & Laura Leom] 14. Cassandre & Burgundian/Borgogne Bransle (feat. Tree Leom) 15. Horse's Bransle/Branle des Cheveaux (feat. Tree Leom & James Hazerlig) 16. Black Almayn (feat. Tree Leom, Laura Leom & Gerry Priest)

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