Phoenix from the Ashes MP3 BUNDLE from S. J.!

This tip reward is offered in honor of the Phoenix Festivals Phamily. INCLUDES FIVE UNRELEASED SONGS! Once the concert concludes & payouts are complete, S. J. will get you a download code for an mp3 bundle of songs including "Firebird's Child", "Hymn to Herne", "Wishing Tree/Harvest Moon", "Aset the Sparrow", "Warriors Dance", "No Fire Like Mine", "Rabbit's Song", "Trickster Prayer", "1157 (2020 Remix)", "1157 (b-side Chamber Remix)", "Witch's Rune", "Mirror Self", "Burn Me Out", "Hekate's Blues", "Look to the Water", and "The Weavers"!

Price (USD) $ Original price was: $42.00.Current price is: $25.00.