S. J. Tucker, Celestial + Spooky 2022-10-29 08:30 PM CDT

ANNOUNCEMENT:  Renée Janski was originally scheduled to join S. J. for this concert but is currently recovering from illness.  We wish her the speediest and most complete of recoveries, plus all the comfort and puppy snuggles she can handle!  S. J. still plans to share ticket revenue with Renée, not least because Dolly and Rainbow could always use more dog treats. Join mythpunk bard S. J. Tucker for something of the celestial and the spooky, blended together for a single night! S. J. plans a set of live original songs to sweep you away by moonlight: guitar, hand drums, sassy vocals, jazz, blues, rock, and more make a recipe to remember! Costumes optional, enchantment guaranteed. Exclusive downloads and more assured!

Minimum price $12