S. J. Tucker In Concert: Tricksters In Wonderland 2022-04-03 2:00 PM CST

TWO SHOWTIMES: APRIL 1, 9PM CENTRAL & APRIL 3, 2PM CENTRAL (One ticket valid for either or both showings!)
Come one, come all, to a fanciful concert by shape-shifting Mythpunk siren S. J. Tucker, who invites you into her musical world with a wide grin, with a ready guitar, and with these words:
If you’ve come to realize that you’d rather step through the looking glass than attend one more mixer, come sit by me. If you identify more with the Cheshire Cat than current so-called influencers, come sit by me. If you’d rather hear songs about mermaids & haunted roads than one more pop ballad about love & loss, come sit by me. If you’d feel a lot happier attending a Looney Tunes-inspired ritual on a sunny April Fool’s Day than to keep on taking everything you believe in so dang seriously, come sit by me. “We’re all mad here, and it’s okay”, and it’s always tea time somewhere.
Come for the songs about Wonderland, Fairyland, Neverland, and other queendoms just out of reach (or are they?), and stay for the community of wild and gentle souls Sooj’s music has been known to support face to face, as well as in our live chat. As a dreamer once sang, a splendid time is guaranteed for all!

Minimum price $5