Songs in a Teacup Concert: S. J. Tucker and Rubiee Tallyn Hayes 2021-06-21 02:00 PM CDT

SONGS IN A TEACUP CONCERT WITH MUSICIAN S. J. TUCKER AND DRYAD TEA FOUNDER RUBIEE TALLYN HAYES Pay $15 or more for your ticket & get the video of the concert afterwards! We’re having afternoon tea, and you’re invited. This will be a concert like no other, shared between a music maker and…a tea maker!? Did you know that many of S. J. Tucker’s songs have corresponding tea blends, thanks to Dryad Tea from Colorado? Many years ago, Dryad Tea founder Rubiee met S. J. during a festival sound check, and it was friendship at first sight. Since then, the two mischief makers have collaborated to create a whole batch of over thirty blends of looseleaf tea, each one inspired by one of Sooj’s songs! So how do we conjure up a concert that showcases all this genius, from two very different disciplines? Come and listen! Come and see! It’s a perfect brew, and we’ve made it extra tasty just for you. This show will feature special tea and music merch, giveaways, music/tea combo packs, nerd gear, all the goodies we could think of to entice you and nourish you, as well as songs by Sooj that have inspired Rubiee’s teas. More about Dryad Tea and Dryad Pottery: More about S. J. and her music: Image credit to @capturebydesign on Instagram

Minimum price $8