Steve & Erin Mae

Steve Eulberg and Erin Mae Lewis are accomplished performers and music educators who play an active role in sharing Americana folk music with audiences of all ages.
Performing across the US, the duo has delighted audiences in participatory musical celebrations.
Both are prize winners in the National Mountain Dulcimer contest at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas and both are also cancer survivors for whom music has been a source of healing and a path to wholeness. In their most recent pre-pandemic tour they provided online pop-up rest-stop concerts in their drive across the middle of the USA.

Erin Mae focuses on the chromatic and diatonic mountain dulcimers. Steve adds dulci-bro (resonator dulcimer), hammered dulcimer and guitar to his mountain dulcimer stable of instruments. They mine and polish the treasures of American folk music as well as creating new treasures of original songs and tunes.

Old Yellow Dog (Terre Haute, Indiana):

Mississippi Sawyer (Ohio):

Going to Boston (LaGrange, Kentucky):

Soaring (Kentucky RestStop):

Ode to Joy, Holy Manna (Illinois RestStop):

Jody Marshall and Jim Queen


Jody Marshall was a founding member of the popular folk trios, Ironweed and MoonFire. Enchanted by the sound and visual appeal of the hammered dulcimer, she developed a passion for the instrument and was soon playing everything from traditional jigs and reels to Mozart, the Beatles, and beyond. Her performance credits include Wolf Trap, the Kennedy Center, and the White House.

Jim Queen is a 30-year veteran performer with the Air Force Band. He has performed worldwide and in almost every state, and has played for presidents, heads of state, and luminaries in every field. He has played just about every fiddle style in the book, but has a particular love for Celtic and old-time fiddle tunes. Together, Jody and Jim serve up plenty of toe-tapping fun with both traditional and contemporary music on hammered dulcimer, fiddle, piano, guitar, vocals, and whatever else they feel like tossing into the mix!

Meren King

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Meren King is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist out of Ocala, Florida. Her originals and covers share what is most dear to her heart – her family, her faith and her passions. From folk to blues to rock and roll, the songs she sings and the stories she tells will take you on a journey of the mind and heart.

Ben Deschamps

Ben – yes, that’s AdminBen for those of you who hang out in the chat at OCT events – has been a composer and performer since his early teens. He combines a Renaissance approach to life (in addition to performing music, he coded as well as several other artists’ websites, and co-runs Amphis Music, a Canadian independent record label) with a dry wit.

His compositions with Heather Dale have become internet-famous and most people who know of him do so because of his association with the Mordred’s Lullaby singer, but he has performed in scores of ensembles, from space rock to bluegrass to orchestras and string quartets.

His current musical interests revolve around ambient, Celtic and folk music, attempting to synthesise something new out of old materials.

Ginger Doss

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Ginger Doss is a performing songwriter, music producer, spiritual practitioner and inspirational speaker. Her dynamic and compelling songwriting explores multiple genres, including rock, alternative groove, tribal and folk and is inspired from a passionate and diverse study of spirituality. She tours extensively throughout the US and Canada igniting audiences with high energy performances and music that radiates with all the colors and callings of the divine.

Southern California Dulcimer Heritage

The 27th Annual Southern California Dulcimer Heritage Harvest Festival of Dulcimers is online for the 2nd year! Buy your tickets here for the Saturday evening concert, featuring Jody Marshall & Jim Queen (hammered dulcimer & fiddle), Aubrey Atwater & Elwood Donnelly (mountain dulcimer & more!), Patti Amelotte & Brenda Hunter (hammered dulcimers), and Joellen Lapidus (mountain dulcimer). Only $20 per household!

More info at for festival online workshops and jams.