Music Under the Trees

Music Under the Trees is a small indie music festival, held annually in the cool green shade of the Wildpine Summer Stage, a backyard stone amphitheater in Redmond, WA. We had to cancel MUTT 2020 due to the pandemic, since our performers live in multiple different households. But now all of us are vaccinated, so we can MAKE MUSIC TOGETHER AGAIN IN PERSON – and share it with you! We are SUPER excited about this!!

Music Under the Trees 2021 will be presented as two virtual sessions:

Saturday, August 7 from 1 PM – 3 PM PT:

Betsy Tinney (cello storyteller — solo looped cello)

• The Vixy & Tony band (original acoustic folk/rock — Vixy Dockrey, Tony Fabris, Sunnie Larsen & Betsy Tinney)

Sunday, August 8 from 12 PM – 2 PM PT:

Alexander James Adams (solo set — original folk music that runs the gamut from myth to whimsy)

Ménage à Trio (string improv trio with Betsy Tinney, Sunnie Larsen & Alexander James Adams; we create music live onstage in response to audience prompts)

Meren King

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Meren King is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist out of Ocala, Florida. Her originals and covers share what is most dear to her heart – her family, her faith and her passions. From folk to blues to rock and roll, the songs she sings and the stories she tells will take you on a journey of the mind and heart.

Ben Deschamps

Ben – yes, that’s AdminBen for those of you who hang out in the chat at OCT events – has been a composer and performer since his early teens. He combines a Renaissance approach to life (in addition to performing music, he coded as well as several other artists’ websites, and co-runs Amphis Music, a Canadian independent record label) with a dry wit.

His compositions with Heather Dale have become internet-famous and most people who know of him do so because of his association with the Mordred’s Lullaby singer, but he has performed in scores of ensembles, from space rock to bluegrass to orchestras and string quartets.

His current musical interests revolve around ambient, Celtic and folk music, attempting to synthesise something new out of old materials.

Ginger Doss

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Ginger Doss is a performing songwriter, music producer, spiritual practitioner and inspirational speaker. Her dynamic and compelling songwriting explores multiple genres, including rock, alternative groove, tribal and folk and is inspired from a passionate and diverse study of spirituality. She tours extensively throughout the US and Canada igniting audiences with high energy performances and music that radiates with all the colors and callings of the divine.