Steve Eulberg

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Steve Eulberg is a traveling, performing, teaching musician, based in San Mateo, California. Growing up in Pemberville, Ohio, he knew he would never get away from music, and since then he's produced over 15 recordings, with his primary instruments being the mountain and hammered dulcimers and the guitar. Steve uses the vibrations of wood and string, playing and singing traditional songs and fiddle tunes; weaving together Celtic, Old-time, blues and jazz.

From his artistic statement: "I stand within the tradition of handmade, acoustic, home-grown music, giving life to old songs and tunes and songs by passing them on while creating new ones to add to the mix."

As of 2020, he is celebrating 40 Dulcimer-Filled Years, and this award-winning instrumentalist and songwriter’s music has been characterized as "smile inducing, toe-tapping, thought-provoking folkgrass". He weaves together age-old songs and tunes with new melodies and contemporary lyrics accompanied by dulcimers and more. His 2019 recording, Between the Tracks, had him returning to his guitar roots with a collection of original fingerstyle compositions.

“... a superb dulcimer player ... and a first rate composer.”—Neal Walters, Dulcimer Players News


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