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Betsy Tinney is magic and story expressed as song. With her sweet smile, nimble fingers, and swaying body, she coaxes tales from the depths of her cello and gifts them to her listeners as a rich musical experience. Her songs inspire feelings that are tender, mournful, contented, intensely fierce, excitedly joyful, calming, or silly--sometimes several of these all in the same song!

Betsy’s cello speaks, and we see mice dancing, whales breaching, snow falling, elephants dreaming, dragons pining for the moon, and wyverns enjoying a delightful vintage. She weaves tales of puppies zooming joyfully across the yard, cats chasing moths on the kitchen table, and mysterious drummers who capture our imagination. With just her cello and an electronic loop pedal, Betsy will transport you to places you hadn't dreamed could exist and won't want to leave (if you find yourself feeling this way, you can take those places home with you by acquiring one of her two delightful solo albums, Release the Cello and Wyverns in the Winery).

Betsy hails from the green and gorgeous Pacific Northwest, where she and her family share their home with a joyous menagerie of musical instruments, animals, and musicians.

(long bio written by Sunnie Larsen)


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