Steve & Erin Mae

Americana Folk 


Steve Eulberg and Erin Mae Lewis are accomplished performers and music educators who play an active role in sharing Americana folk music with audiences of all ages.

Performing across the US, the duo has delighted audiences in participatory musical celebrations.

Both are prize winners in the National Mountain Dulcimer contest at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas and both are also cancer survivors for whom music has been a source of healing and a path to wholeness. In their most recent pre-pandemic tour they provided online pop-up rest-stop concerts in their drive across the middle of the USA.

Erin Mae focuses on the chromatic and diatonic mountain dulcimers. Steve adds dulci-bro (resonator dulcimer), hammered dulcimer and guitar to his mountain dulcimer stable of instruments. They mine and polish the treasures of American folk music as well as creating new treasures of original songs and tunes.

Old Yellow Dog (Terre Haute, Indiana):

Mississippi Sawyer (Ohio):

Going to Boston (LaGrange, Kentucky):

Soaring (Kentucky RestStop):

Ode to Joy, Holy Manna (Illinois RestStop):


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