Celestial+Spooky Songs Bundle from S. J.!

*INCLUDES SEVEN UNRELEASED SONGS! Once the October 29, 2022 concert concludes and payouts are complete, Sooj will get you a bundle of mp3 files, including every original* song she performs during the show: "The Drowning", "Witchka", "Girl & Ghost"^, "Temptress", "Were-Owl", "City of Marrow", "Healing Prayer"^, "Harvest Moon"^, "Drowned in Moonlight"^, "No Place Like Home"^, "Trickster Prayer", "Neptune", "Glashtyn Shanty", "Down to the Kitchen"^, and "Daring & Dreams"^. *cover songs will not be included for reasons of legality and intellectual property. ^indicates unreleased!

Price (USD) $ Original price was: $40.00.Current price is: $25.00.