Help with Online Concert Thing

For immediate support with your Online Concert Thing experience, email

Why can’t I see the concert?
The first important helpful hint is to log in: you have to be logged in to see the concert.
If you’re on the concert page and you don’t see a concert playing, have you pressed the “PLAY” triangle in the video player?
Try reloading your page (F5 often does this, depending on your operating system).
Check to make sure that the concert is actually starting… time zones get me every time. The video stream doesn’t start until just before or on the posted start time.

I can’t find the link for the concert I bought.
Go to My Concerts (in the navigation at the bottom of the page) – you should see a list of links to concerts you’ve purchased. Find the concert you want to watch, and click the big red “CLICK HERE TO WATCH” button.

I can’t get the chat to work.
Make sure you’ve chosen a username. Then enter some text. If the text doesn’t show up, try refreshing your page.

I purchased a tip reward but I haven’t received my reward yet.
Tip rewards are handled by the artists, not by OnlineConcertThing. Please email the artist directly to give them a gentle nudge about your tip reward. However, if you’ve nudged the artist and not received an appropriate response, please email with your order number, and I’ll either not-so-gently nudge the artist, or issue you with an immediate refund.

I tried to Tip The Artist but I don’t think my payment went through.
This has happened only once or twice, and I believe it’s to do with the particular browser settings used. Try disabling any ad-blockers or popup blockers ( doesn’t use ads or popups, but there could be a problem with the third party payment processors involved). Or try choosing PayPal instead of Stripe, or vice versa, at checkout. Again, we are working on a solution right now.