Amelia Hogan

Photo of Amelia Hogan

Amelia Hogan is an impeccably authentic singer of Celtic music, and her heart
comes through in honeyed tones on Irish, Scottish, British, and American-styled vocals. She sings in the Irish music tradition of Sean-Nós, or “old style”, a highly lyrical solo a cappella style, as well as with accompaniment, plays bodhran and a small 22-string Welsh lap harp, and has toured internationally to global acclaim.

Queens of Avalon

Four Seasons, Two Sisters, One Heart

This Celtic musical revisits the famous story of Camelot… but surprisingly reinterpreted from a woman’s perspective. Both destined to become queens, Guinevere and Morgana meet as girls and become fast friends. They come of age together, and vow to change the dragon’s curse that overshadows Morgana’s life. The fate of kingdoms lies in their hands!


“Haunting … Lyrical … Spellbinding — Heather Dale brings musical magic and a new twist to this popular tale.”
Tamora Pierce
Award-winning YA/Fantasy author, “The Lioness” series

“Tears are in my eyes….a very powerful piece.” – Cheron F.

“I’m left wordless, save one. Magnificent! Heart felt! Ok, three words. Bravo! (four)” – Jim M.

“Queens of Avalon breaks new ground in the Arthurian legends and gives a sensitive, fresh, glorious and new voice to the story, one whose messages echo far after the movie is done. Well worth watching, repeatedly.” – Elke W.

“Extraordinarily designed and executed. I smiled, I cried, I hummed along….what a tour de force! I am so happy to have been a part of the crowdfunding for this spectacular creation. A powerful story, commanding performances, and a stunning production. Can you tell I really, really like it?!” – Sara S.

Ben Deschamps

Ben – yes, that’s AdminBen for those of you who hang out in the chat at OCT events – has been a composer and performer since his early teens. He combines a Renaissance approach to life (in addition to performing music, he coded as well as several other artists’ websites, and co-runs Amphis Music, a Canadian independent record label) with a dry wit.

His compositions with Heather Dale have become internet-famous and most people who know of him do so because of his association with the Mordred’s Lullaby singer, but he has performed in scores of ensembles, from space rock to bluegrass to orchestras and string quartets.

His current musical interests revolve around ambient, Celtic and folk music, attempting to synthesise something new out of old materials.

Tuatha Dea

A progressive Americana band with a rock edge and fearless attitude for pushing the boundaries of modern roots music.

Combining primal rhythms, melodic and ethereal ballads, screaming guitar riffs with an Appalachian/Celtic vibe this FAMILY born of a family drum circle delivers an authentic tribal and clannish feel that not only draws the audience into the music but into the moment and clan as well.

In 2017 Tuatha Dea became part of The New Bristol Sessions, a collaboration celebrating the historic 1927 Sessions along with folks like Dolly Parton, Virginia Ground, 49 Winchester and more!

Tina Bergmann

Tina Bergmann

Artist Homepage

Tina Bergmann has been performing concerts, and teaching workshops and private lessons from an early age. A fourth-generation musician, Bergmann began playing music at age eight, learning the mountain dulcimer from her mother in the aural tradition and learning the hammered dulcimer at the knee of West Virginia-native builder and performer Loy Swiger. Demonstrating gifts for both performance and teaching, she has been a featured performer across the United States, performing solo; as a duo with her husband, bassist Bryan Thomas; with her stringband Hu$hmoney; and as a member of Apollo’s Fire, Cleveland’s world renowned Baroque Orchestra.

Heather Dale

Artist homepage:

A Canadian recording artist with Celtic roots, Heather Dale deftly transcends the limits of both Celtic balladeers and folk singer-songwriters. She finds contemporary themes within old material, and fuses folk traditions with blues, jazz, and world music influences. Often compared to Loreena McKennitt and Sarah McLachlan, Dale’s unique vocals are paired with more than a dozen folk instruments in live performances with multi-instrumentalist Ben Deschamps and the Amphis Chamber Strings.