About Us

OnlineConcertThing.com is run by a small group of (mostly) Canadian artists who wanted a streaming service that treats other artists fairly and transparently.

Ben Deschamps – Proprietor
In 2019 when ConcertWindow closed its… er, windows, S. J. Tucker asked Ben if he knew of any good alternatives. Having seen mostly scams and ripoffs in the streaming music field, he decided he’d build his own. “After all,” he said, “how hard can it be?” His motto is now “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread”, but he still enjoys the many technical challenges of running a streaming music service, while remaining committed to keeping the needs of the artists front and centre.


Heather Dale – Artist & Customer Relations

Heather and Ben are both full-time musicians (when they’re not also running OnlineConcertThing.com) and their music can be found at HeatherDale.com. Heather brings a love of organization to OCT, and loves to help artists and customers alike.

S. J. Tucker – Ambassador

If it weren’t for S. J. Tucker’s fateful question, OCT would never have been made. She runs OCT’s social media presence and is a powerful ambassador for our artist-centric mission. Also, she is one of the few people in the world whose advice Ben actually listens to. You can find her music at SJTucker.com and see her upcoming shows at S. J. Tucker’s Artist Page.