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Since her first album, Zero, was released in 1996, Australian Visionary Songstress Wendy Rule has defied categorisation. Combining elements of gothic, folk, world, ambient and cabaret, her music is woven through with mythological and magical themes that honour her Pagan spirituality. With her extraordinary voice, and live shows that blur the line between music, ritual and theatre, Wendy is renowned in the global Esoteric, Goddess, and Pagan communities. Her latest double album, Persephone, is a musical re-telling of the Ancient Greek Myth. Singing in the voices of the three Goddesses who feature in the Myth - the maiden Persephone, her mother, the Earth Goddess Demeter, and Hekate, the wise Goddess of the Crossroads, (with Hekate’s parts chanted in Greek!) - Wendy guides us through this extraordinary tale of Life, Death and rebirth. Become part of Wendy’s magical world by joining her each month for her renowned Full Moon Magic concerts on Patreon. Membership starts at only $1 a month!


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