Sacred Creatures pendants by Celtic Knot Works/Deva Designs!


S. J. Tucker humbly presents these beautiful pewter pendants from friends Suzie Brucker Heiney & Bob Heiney in Sedona, AZ!  Suzie and Bob have long been Sooj’s buddies and supporters, and it’s a joy to get to showcase their work here alongside the music.  Multiple designs available from the Avalon Blessings, Celtic Wisdom, and Celtic Wings collections: L to R in the image are Wolf, Dragonfly, Dragon with Tiger’s Eye (“Peace to this woman” Avalon Blessing on the back), Butterfly, Dragon, Bat, and Raven.  Each pendant includes a chain or cord & a secret inscription on the back.  Sooj will bless, cleanse, and carefully pack each one before shipping, and add a thank-you note for you in the package.