S. J. Tucker in Concert: Tricksters and Fae (Virtual Hexenfest 2020) 2020-09-13 02:00 PM CDT

FolkPaganVirtual Hexenfest 2020

The second of two Virtual Hexenfest concerts! Satyrs, shapeshifters, Faerie Queens, and more: song spinner S. J. Tucker presents a set of original songs inspired by creatures and characters who teach us through the wildest possible stories, who challenge us from the unseen places to think outside the box. This will be S. J.’s second concert for Virtual Hexenfest, hosted by Online Concert Thing. Pour one out for the Fae, get comfortable, and join us via the screen of your choice.

(Be sure to check out the first concert here, and the rest of Virtual Hexenfest over on the Browse page!)

Minimum price $5