Queens of Avalon video chat & treasure trove

After the concert, Heather & Sooj will send you a treasure trove of Queens of Avalon goodies! With one-of-a-kind artifacts from the actual production, it'll include:

- A *private video chat* (30 min) with Heather! You can gab about your favourite King Arthur books, inspirations for Queens of Avalon, fun behind-the-scenes stories, and more
- Early sketches & fabric swatches from the costumes
- Limited edition DVD of Queens of Avalon
- Queens of Avalon Songbook
- Original Cast Recording CD
- "Gwen & Gana" Avalon necklace (with aventurine & amethyst), hand-made by Heather herself
- Hand-dyed silk scarf, with Gwen & Gana's colours & symbols. Great to wear, and also designed for flow arts dancing, like Gwen & Gana do in the show!