Nick House and the Lapsed Catholics

Nick House and the Lapsed Catholics is the wide-ranging musical project of Nick House. Nick has shared a stage with Matthew William Charles, Holy Locust, ppoacher ppoacher, and Foxpaw, and played at the Audiofeed and Gollywhopper festivals. He has thirteen releases on Bandcamp, ranging from folk to pop punk to synthpop. His latest project is a new wave/synthpop EP, channeling 80s luminaries like The Cure, Joy Division, Peter Gabriel, Iron Curtain, and Depeche Mode. This EP will bring back the joy, the experimentation, and the catchiness that you remember from your favorite 80s songs, but which is sorely lacking in today’s 80s revival scene. You can download his entire discography for less than a dollar on Bandcamp, follow him on Instagram (@nickhouseandthelapsedcatholics) and stream his music on all major streaming platforms.

Das Gift

Das Gift is a dark and layered project by multi-instrumentalist Adrian James, former violinist and designer of Evanescence. His solo work draws comparisons with The Cure, A Perfect Circle and Pink Floyd.