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“Each song is a different anthem from the choir of the soul. His voice, his spirit and the mission that fuels this CD is a salve to the soul and a celebration of the rich miracles of life. This is not just a is medicine and it will heal the soul of the listener” -Orion Foxwood

If the saying “Music is the Soul given a voice” is true, then Rene Collins is that voice. Infusing African spirituality with reggae, jazz, folk, and a hint of Hip hop for taste, he blends together a sound, as contemporary as it is timeless. His music gives us more than something to fill the silence. He imparts to us words of wisdom and light in a perfect marriage of insight and love.

Rene takes the listener on a tour of Ancient Mysticism and African Philosophy. In his music, he relates these ideas in ways we can all understand. Through his signature polyrhythmic strumming style, and soulful voice, he makes these topics easily relatable in our own lives. He infuses roots reggae off beat with a folk underbelly via a strong violin medley.

Originally from San Francisco, Rene Collins has been involved in magick and music his whole life. His music history combined with decades long career of theatre acting and dancing formed the charismatic and intelligent artist he is today. With influences including Earth Wind and Fire, Dave Matthews Band, U2, Ella Fitzgerald, Marvin Gaye, Elton John, and Bob Marley, his sound crosses genres and speaks to anyone who experiences his music. Rene has recently released his newest EP Love and Revolution.


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