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Ride the Wave of Energy
Greetings everyone,
Sue, the drummer here
I first started Primal Rhythm in 2005 as a brand for my solo records, drumming workshops and facilitating drum circles. I recorded 2 solo drum workshop discs to enable the opportunity for people to simulate a drum circle in their living room. The first record Primal Rhythm 1 was featured in the Cleveland documentary "Return of the Cuyahoga" which aired on PBS. I decided to create drum band in 2011 to bring the Primal Rhythm discs to the stage. I thought how cool it would be to have all chicks on stage pounding tribal rhythms and thunderous vibes. The Primal Rhythm Ensemble toured 2011-2013.

Also being a founding member of Burning Sage, PR was back burned up till 2020.
The current line up consists of:
Dawn Fritz Heartsong on percussion
Michelle Clark holding down the duns
Sue Balaschak on djembe and duns

Lay your hands on the altar of rhythm, the altar of Life


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