John Stadtlander


John Stadtlander has been playing drums and percussion longer than he would like to admit starting when he was in grade 9 and growing up in Kitchener/Waterloo Ontario Canada.

John first studied drums with Gary Tomlin in Kitchener, and has studied percussion with Marla Leigh Goldstein, Michelle (Mickey) Stewart and many others.

In addition to the drum kit, he also plays bodhran, doumbek, djembe, timbales, congas, hand drums and other percussion instruments.

Besides touring and recording with Heather Dale, he plays regularly with many artists in Thunder Bay which has been his home for many years. These include Southern Comfort, Sunday Wilde, the Westfort Wedding Crashers, Wayne Faulconer and the Bloosberries and Brother John (recruited to the latter because they needed someone named John?)

His training has allowed him to play many different genres of music including rock, folk, jazz, blues and even the odd polka and tarantella (for my friends of Italian descent.)

John’s more than 10 years working with Heather Dale, Ben Deschamps, Betsy Tinney and S.J. Tucker has been the highlight of his musical career.


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