Greensong Festival



GreenSong Change Maker Series October 31st through December 19th

In this 8-week series, every Saturday evening starting at 8pm EST a new presenter speaking on real-world issues and musical artists with stimulating messages will provide us with the necessary information and skills to assist our collective navigation forward and inspire us to get involved in creating change for the better. Join us and become a Change Maker!

Greensong, founded in 2012 as a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization, is comprised of kindred spirits from all walks of life committed to a sustainable lifestyle. Organizational goals include educating others in ways to incorporate sustainability into their current way of being, learning compassion for all creatures, living personal responsibility, and ethical use of resources.
To foster these ideals and goals, we:
- hold a Greensong Festival highlighting musicians, performing artists, workshop presenters, and others who share our philosophy and ideals to create a collective vision of a brighter and more equitable future;
- publish an educational blog written by knowledgeable people in areas of Ecological Sustainability, "green activism," and of ways to live with intention, just to name a few topics;
- and are creating a community to live these ideals in our daily lives.

"GreenSong 2020 is the doorway into a long-held vision. Aided and encouraged over the years by the late Pete Seeger, we developed the concept of a hybrid event: powerful, conscious changing music along with workshops and classes focused on healing our relationship with Mother Earth and on preparing ourselves for the drastic changes facing us as we move into the 21st century.
As we move further into the deconstruction of the world as we knew it, we need to create different ways of interacting with the earth, its other beings, and with our own species. We have the unique position of being the ones we are waiting for! What will we do with this chance?" - Grandmother Elspeth - Founder, GreenSong


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