California Revels


California Revels is a nonprofit community theater company that has enthralled audiences in Oakland, CA for over 37 years. We celebrate the changing of the seasons through participatory theatrical performances that encapsulate song, dance, storytelling, cultural traditions, and ancient ceremonies! Today we are debuting a concert series that presents performers not only from past California Revels productions, but also from other Revels cities around the country. There are currently nine Revels cities nationwide, so perhaps you are near one of us!

Our first artist is none other than Melanie DeMore, a Tradition Bearer and performer in our 2021 Christmas Revels, La Siréne. For that show, Melanie educated our cast and crew on some of the rich traditions, spirituals, and history of the Gullah people. She led our audiences in deep and powerful songs from their culture, invoking the shared struggles and hope of people then and now. Today, via California Revels Concerts Presents, Melanie—vocal activist, Grammy-nominated artist, and, most recently a Grand Marshal in the 2022 San Francisco Pride Parade—shares her vast knowledge and incredible talent with you as well.


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