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Beltana Spellsinger is a singer/songwriter/guitarist who hails from the beautiful Ozarks region of the deep Missouri hills. She has been writing and singing music since she can remember, and currently does so surrounded by her family on their 166-acre nature preserve called Wolvenwold in southern Missouri. The trees and forests surrounding her at Wolvenwold, along with Love, Passion, Music, The Gods, Goddesses, and Nature, have been her sources of inspiration for decades. With a folky/rock sound, Bel sings tunes of Fae Lands, Travelers, Princes, Paupers, and Otherfolk.

In the 2000s, Beltana performed with the Folkadelic band SONA, and later with the group BellaWyck (meaning "beautiful witch"). Now she mostly plays solo, and sometimes with friends and musicians from all over the world. She is a mother, a musician, a massage therapist, and a poet: full of the love of Life that carries her down this bardic path.


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